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The Professional Plumbing Contractor in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

Owner and Client - Plumbing Contractor
Owner - Plumbing Contractor

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Give your home, restaurant or business the residential and commercial plumbing service it deserves when you choose A-1 Haney Plumbing Inc. Our company is committed to quality work and outstanding customer service.

Over 40 Years of Experience
Proudly Serving Bloomington, Normal, and surrounding McLean County area.
Why choose A-1 HANEY Plumbing, Inc?


Because we want to be your plumber for a LIFETIME, not just a project.   
For more than 40 years, Bloomington/Normal & the McLean County, Illinois area have counted on A-1 "Haney Plumbing", Inc. for quality residential and commercial plumbing and drain services. That's because we provide superior service at affordable rates. We are family operated and know how important it is to keep a good name in our community.  

Since our name is on everything we do, you can expect the best!

Contact us in Bloomington, Illinois, and let our plumbing contractor help you make your project a success.